Empire Tiana Hair

Unless you have been living under a rock I’m sure you are aware of Fox’s hit tv show Empire. For all my naturalistas I’m sure you were just as pumped as me to see Empire Tiana Hair on the show! Serayah McNeill plays  Tiana, the singing pop star ex gf of Hakeem Lyon. From the first season I was in love with her natural hair! Seraya McNeill recently sat down with THE CUT.COM and dished on how she keep her curls in check!

With my hair, I like to start with it soaking wet. I feel like it’s how I get the products to penetrate in my hair. Usually my process is this: I detangle in the shower. I switch up my products a lot. I’ll use a Pantene conditioner, or I’ll go for DevaCurl conditioner. DevaCurl is amazing, and I swear by their products. I wash my hair with DevaCurl’s No-Poo. I’ll put that in my hair and let it sit for a few minutes in the shower. I then detangle with DevaCurl’s conditioner. After that I’ll go for my styling products, usually Miss Jessie’s Pillow-Soft Curls — I love how it keeps my curls really soft and tames them. Usually you can’t get both [for hair]; like there will either be too much gel and my curls are crunchy, or not enough and my curls are really frizzy, which is why I love Miss Jessie’s so much. I also use DevaCurl’s styling gel.

Steal Serayah’s look!