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Crochet Couture: Natural Hair Series on Crochet Braids

Everyone loves big hair and of course a few innovative naturalistas have made it possible using the crochet hair and braids method. This is a series where we will look at :

The TOP 10 Crochet Hair Styles

How to Do Crochet Braids

How to Maintain Crochet Hair

Products and Tools to Use on Crochet Hair

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I was scrolling down my Facebook page and I spotted Caitlin and this gorgeous hair caught my eye!!

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The Process

I instantly messaged her to get the details, and to my surprise it was a wig she made! Here’s the details

Products Used:

I did a wig using the crotchet method with 4 packs of

I used small pink rod rollers to make the wand inspired curls and dipped each section of hair in boiling hot water to retain the curl.

I set my hair with a product I purchased called Boj Oil, which is a black owned local company here in Atlanta, the young lady was selling it at Chapel Beauty Supply Store (click link to order online)

Caitlin stated it wasn’t an easy task and she worked on the wig 1 1/2 hours each day for 6-7 days to finish it.

Why a Wig vs Sew In?

I like the versatility of a wig because it allows me to have a glamorous style while being able to care for my own hair so it protects as it should, that’s what protective styles should be used for– I can take it off at night and if I don’t feel like wearing it after a week I don’t have to worry about the take down process—I usually start missing my hair with protective styles anyway lol

How to Maintain the Crochet Hair Wig:

I keep it up by re-rolling any curls that may appear to go limp, other than that it is VERY low maintenance..the perfect protective style.


Enjoy this Crochet Hair Wig Hair Porn!

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