Introducing the Curlkalon Hair Collection

Have you been eyeing those lust worthy crochet hair curls all over Instagram?

They are done using the crochet hair method typically with synthetic Marley hair, perm rods, crochet hook, and cornrowing your hair.

A new company has arised Curls with CONFIDENCE! Curlkalon™ Hair Collection is the 1st brand to offer textured pre-curled synthetic hair for stress-free protective styling.

For one it takes the guess work out of choosing the size of perm rods to use for certain curl types and skipping the hassle of having to dip the marley hair in boiling hot water that could burn you!

The  pre-curled textured hair is 100% Toyokalon synthetic hair and comes ready to latch for easy crochet installation.

The specially crafted hair is designed to match your virgin hair effortlessly for a timeless look that was made for the unwavering crochet braid fan who wants to rock crochet curls with confidence!

  • Alkaline-free curls ( for those that are allergic to synthetic hair)
  • 20 curls per box
  • 4 boxes recommended (for more volume add additional boxes)

Curlkalon Hair Collection has started out with 4 curl types that simulate wash and go, bantu knot out, twist out, and wand curl like patterns. The synthetic hair is very reasonably priced at $13.99 for the 10 inch length and $16.99 for the 20 inch length.





Using the Curlkalon Hair Collection reduces the time it takes to rock the crochet hair style look and having boiling hot water pressed to your scalp. The number of boxes would depend on the volume you wanted.

When I placed an order of Kenzie in 20 inches for 4 boxes my total was $67 so not too bad for length and volume, plus its pre-curled. Curlkalon Hair Collection is just launching their business so I would like to see more color options added in the future.


What do you think about the Curlkalon Hair Collection for Crochet Hair Styles? Would you rock the look now that you have pre-curled pieces?

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