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Color Me Naturale: a Naturally Me! Color Series

Blue Natural Hair

Colored natural hair is a beautiful sight to behold. Beautiful bouncing ringlets and coils colored in various shades gets my heart swooning and eyes fluttering. Many times when we get ready to embark on coloring our natural hair we look for inspiration. After spying many beautiful naturals all over the web with flawless hair I was personally inspired to create this series to showcase some of the best colored curls and coils in each color range.  From the usual blondes and reds to the daring blues and purples here’s to the best of the best in colored natural hair on the web.

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Green Natural Hair

Pink Natural Hair

Red Natural Hair

Blonde Natural Hair

Purple Natural Hair

Gray Natural Hair

Somebodies got the blues! These ladies are rocking blue strands effortlessly! Shades of indigo, teal,and royal blue are all abound. These pictures highlight how a splash of blue natural hair or your whole fro can look pretty cool, daring, a chic.

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How to Achieve Blue Natural Hair:

For brighter, bold colors you will have to bleach your hair. I highly recommend using a stylist to do this as he/she will know what levels to lift your hair to get the result your desire.

For the actual blue color many of the women used Manic Panic Blue Hair Dyes which are between $10-$12.

What do you think of blue natural hair? Would you rock it after seeing these pictures? Leave a comment below

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