Meet Inna Modja, the beautiful Mali-born songstress. Inna isn’t relatively new to the scene as I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful Parisian based singer ever since I saw her pictures floating around the web back in 2010. She was originally a model and released her first album in ’09.  She also became the face of the Mizani haircare line back in 2010 and what a great decision. Just check out her gorgeous head of hair.








The great thing about Inna Modja is that she’s proud about who she is and where she comes from. Her songs like I Am Smiling and For My Land are  filled with so much joy, happiness, and most importantly her loving spirit which is always great to hear. Plus if you haven’t you must check out her music video for her song Kinks In My Hair if you want a lovely natural hair anthem.

Miss Modja keep it up girl!


 Want to stalk this beauty? Follow her tumblr blog:  or her instagram: innamodjaofficiel

Endia Mathews