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My Hair.My Story: Kimba

How did you transition and what was your transition style? I transitioned from December 2009 until October 31, 2010.  I finally Big Chopped on October 31, 2010 because I was not getting anywhere with transitioning.  My style during the transitioning period was usually a wash and go and that’s part of the reason why I […]

Titi Branch of Miss Jessie’s states Older women pioneered the natural hair movement

Tia Williams of interviewed Miko and Titi Branch the sister CEO duo of powerful hair care brand Miss Jessie’s on her Shake your Beauty segment. In the 4 minute interview Miko and Titi discuss their revolutionary natural hair product Curly Pudding,  natural hair pet peeves, and changing the image of textured hair. The most  interesting […]

My Hair,My Story: Chakecia

How did you transition and what was your transition style? I transitioned with braids. At the time I didn’t consider myself “transitioning” because I never saw myself wearing my hair curly. There were NO naturals in my city and I knew absolutely nothing about caring for my hair in its natural state. Why did you […]

My Hair.My Story: Jonna

Jonna: How did you transition and what was your transition style? My transition was very unsuccessful, so I didn’t have a transition style.  My natural hair was so thick in comparison to my relaxed hair, that it would tangle and break whenever I washed my hair.  Most days I couldn’t even part my hair without snap, crack, pop […]

The World's Longest Locs

Black Voices  By Patrice Grell Yursik  They measure 19 feet, 6 inches long. When dry, they weigh four pounds. When wet, at least 10 pounds. Asha Mandela has the longest dreadlocks in the world, making her an official Guinness World Record holder. For Asha, it’s more than just a hairstyle. It is a way of […]

My Hair.My Story: Candace

Candace is one of my tweeties and youtube subscribers. She reached out to me recently over the frustration she was having with her newly natural hair. Here is her story: Candace began her natural journey after transitioning for 10 months using ponytails and the occasional puff/bun. Candace wore relaxed hair for over 13 years after […]

Feature Story: Monique's Mane

Monique is one of Naturally Me’s wonderful tweeties. I “met” Monique when I began following her on Twitter and noticing her beautiful natural hair. Here is her story: Monique is one of the lucky members of the natural hair community who has never had a relaxer. However, she embarked on a different form of transitioning […]