Havana Twists are the HOT HOT natural hair style blazing up Instagram , Twitter, and Youtube. They are

I’m sure you have scrolled down your instagram timeline only to witness the beautiful juicy thick twists styled in amazing buns, updos, or even just freely worn down.

If your like me you probably wondered how can I achieve this look on my own. Look no further I have taken the hours of guesswork out for you. Here is all the info you need to create the havana twists at home and the best tutorials on Youtube with different methods.

havana twist hair,

Fingercomber.com sells the hair for $12.99 a pack and in 6 different colors including one commonly used for highlights. Also the fingercomber hair  gives you the ability to wash and reuse it.

However many women in the videos featured below use regular marley hair for a more cost effective look.


In watching the videos the Havana hair does seem like a more softer texture and in my experience using marley hair it didn’t blend very well with my real texture as the marley hair is very coarse.


1.BlackOnyx77 Invisible Roots Method using Havana Hair

2. TheNewGrowth -Invisible Roots Method using Marley Hair
this is a great tutorial as she is twisting her daughters hair and not her own so you can see the placement of her fingers.

3. Donedo05- Chunky Havana Twists using Invisible Roots Method and Marley Hair.

4.RetroDeLaNaturale -has simple method that also uses three strands of colored marley hair to create extra chunky marley twists that hides the braided root in the middle. This method maybe more helpful in blending your texture with the texture of the marley hair.