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I recently received my second Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing System Treatment. I received my first treatment February 2013 when I was a model for Basic during the Winter Bronner Brothers Hair Show here in Atlanta.

I loved the  results then and decided to get the treatment again as I noticed a difference in my hair.

Get the Facts on Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing Treatment:

  • It’s NOT a Keratin Treatment!
  • It’s NOT a Relaxer
  • It will NOT  permanently straighten hair
  • You can get color and the one step smoothing treatment on the same visit
  • Relaxed hair that wants to fight reversion and frizz.
  • Can be used on relaxed,grey hair, color treated, naturally curly, and previously relaxed hair.
  • Can be used on males to create waves and curl definition.


This is an amino acid deep conditioning treatment that is naturally derived using QUINOA! Yes like the one many of you eat :). The main component of the treatment is the One Step Smoothing Foam, that features new technology that strengthens, repairs, and smooths the hair using naturally derived ingredients.


It lasts up to 12-14 weeks, 20 shampoos (if you shampoo frequently), 4 months.

If you like to wear your hair in both the naturally curly texture and straight this treatment is for you! If you want to cut down on the frizz especially if you live in a humid place like myself the Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing System is also a plus for you.

I would personally recommend the treatment if:

  1. You love to color your hair but don’t want to over process with relaxers.
  2. You are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. The treatment will allow for manageability between the two textures.
  3. Your hair is dry, brittle, damaged, and weak.
  4. You like the versatility of  straight looks and curls.
  5. You have relaxed hair and want to fight reversion and frizz.

Don’t just take my word for it! I was able to get my hair done by the Director of Education and Stylist LaToya Brown at Basic Hair Care and she will fill you in on how it works!

Needless to say my hair was shiny, full of body, and MOISTURIZED!


The Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing System can only be applied by trained stylists. To find stylists in your area please click here.


If you are a stylists and would like to offer the Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing system to your clients please click here. When creating your account please select Tarin Boone as your distributor.


What do you think about the results?



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