The sun is slowly going back into hiding and that means the teachers are coming out of their caves and back into the classrooms. Yes, summer is almost over ( or is over for some) and school is about to be back in session. It’s best you all start preparing. I know many of you will be doing some back to school clothes shopping. Well I’m not letting you go back looking good from neck down, it’s quite necessary that you’re looking absolutely fabulous from head to toe. In order to make your back to school preparations a bit easier I’ve prepared some back to school natural hairstyles ideas for naturalistas of ALL school levels.


The Elementary Cutie

These are usually the free spirited ages of your educational life. That’s because there’s not much to stress about. Homework assignments are rather light and play time is rather heavy. Whether it be the monkey bars, dodge ball, or arts and crafts your child will probably have their hands everywhere, and that includes their hair. Because of this you’ll want your child to have a style that they, or the other kids, won’t be able to mess up easy. Yet lets be honest, kids love to play in their hair, in order to compromise for this you can always add in some accessories….just don’t over do it because too many noisy accessories will be a distraction to your child and the rest of the children. Plaits or braids decorated with accessories are good styles, but for the first week you can spice it up a bit and go with cute Shirley Temple like curls. Check out some of the elementary school looks below.


your royal cuteness

                    Single or double afro puffs are a good and quick way to keep your child’s hair as they won’t be able to play in it and you are able to do it with the little time you may have.  Notice the flower accessory to keep it cute and playful. 

Kids Cornrow style natural hair Creations

                   Updo twists or cornrow braids are great for children. They can last for a long period of time so you don’t have to do your child’s hair every morning. Adding beads or hair bows at the ends will even add a nice, colorful change. (see natural hair creations on pintrest for more hairstyles) 


                            If your child loves to keep it big then she can always rock her natural curls. Or if you do want to spice it up a bit try using curlformers to get some curls. Even twist/braid outs are great for back to school. Just add a hair bow for an extra touch.

twist cornrows kids natural hair

                          Spicing up twists like this is a great way to start off the school year. (

Princess look!

And of course mini twist look good on all ages. (

The Middle School Diva

These are the years when your child is probably going through puberty and sometimes that comes with a nasty attitude. These are the years when your child thinks she knows everything about everything, she thinks she’s so mature. To go along with this “mature” attitude she’s going to ask for a “grown up” hairstyle. This basically means no more pigtails and colorful hair accessories. Yet she still is a child so she can’t be looking like a thirty year old woman. To achieve a mature yet youthful look try braid/twist outs or some half up half down looks.

Kids Twist & Braid Styles - A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding

                                                    Braids or twists are a great way to keep your child looking a bit more mature yet young. Notice the lack of colorful hair accessories. 


kids BraidsChildrens braids

                                                                     The intricate braiding on these styles give  a nice playful and youthful look but the updo gives it a more sophisticated look. Great for your growing middle schooler. (hair-dare on pintrest) 

Kids braids and spirals to the side

Half up and half down looks are great for middle schoolers. It keeps them looking young yet too old to be in elementary school which they’d hate to be mistaken for. (styles by melisa b on pintrest)

The High School Heartthrob

Now that the awkward preteen stage is over you or your child has probably figured out that you don’t know it all and are trying to figure things out, so you’re trying a lot of new things. Whether you’re in the “cool” crowd, hanging with the geeks, the jocks, the artsy crew -or maybe you’re all of them, you’re still trying to find some place to belong. So here are some styles to reflect all of your possible personalities for whatever day you choose to embrace them.

Lovely Natural Hair Style I Curls on curls, luv this...

                                                      For your “All Around Girl” style this updo is great. It’s very simple yet big and noticeable. Great for every day. (instagram @naturalandchic)

Natural Hair Styles Pictures #NaturalHair

Natural Hair Styles Pictures #NaturalHair

                                                     Maybe you want to go for more of an artsy, or boho look. Regardless of your hair type these looks are easy to achieve. For the first look just add a simple braided headband to your natural curls or whatever style you choose. For the second part your hair and braid on single braid to the side. Simple and easy. Your accessories do all the talking. 

I can't wait to rock this style!

Maybe you’re the Best Dressed of the school and like to look good at all times so you put in the time to do something extra with your hair. A nice pin up/vintage hair look works best. Any form of the pompadour is a great way to show your inner fashionista. 

naturalhairdaily:  Gorgeous mega puff @shynaslim! #naturalhair #teamnatural #afrohair #afro #megapuff #updo

Maybe you’re a sporty girl. Whether it be cheerleading, track, or basketball you’re going to need your hair up at all times and a simple afro puff will be good to maintain your hair but still look presentable during your games. (instagram @shynaslim)

The College Crammer

You did it! You got your high school diploma and you somehow managed to find enough money to attend college. In college you have to be more focused on your studies. That’s kind of hard to do because there is much more freedom, so you’re balancing schoolwork, social life, and maybe even a job. Basically you’re tired and you don’t have time to worry about your hair. Perfect hairstyles for such a hectic lifestyle includes braid extensions or the simple hair puff, because really ain’t nobody got time for that.

Natural Hair Inspirations

Natural Hair Styles Pictures #NaturalHair

If Wash n Go’s work for you then work it. It’s a perfect every day hairstyle for naturalistas. If not then wear a twist/braid/bantu knot out for as long as you can. (instagram @forevernaturals)

Natural hair Rules!

A nice afro puff is good for the college kid on the go. 




Beautiful! box braids | Tumblr- omg my hair is so lame in comparison!

                                                  Box Braids, marley twists, havana twists etc are all my number one hair-styling choices for a college student. They’re great for just hopping out the bed on leaving when you might have overslept. (

I hope these styles have given you some type of inspiration. What style are you or your mini naturalista rocking during school? Let us know in the comments section below.


Endia Mathews