There’s some new natural hair products out and they are simply AH-mazing! Tress Therapy is  for women who trust doctor recommended products, Tress Therapy is the gentle and effective way to treat and care for sensitive hair and scalps. Tress Therapy allows you to pursue your style confidently without risking the overall health of your hair.

Tress Therapy was formulated by a leading African American dermatologist, Wesley S Wilborn,  who developed hypoallergenic beauty products for his patients and consumers for over 30 years.

Tress Therapy provides you with a complete line of home use, effective, beauty care solution products for all hair types and textures.


Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Shampoo Sulfate Free $10.99
Root Restore Conditioner $13.99
 Instant Hydrating Leave in Conditioner $11.99

You can truly tell this is some medical grade stuff! not your average Walmart beauty aisle products. It pulled up INVISIBLE product buildup I didn’t even know I had. After fours shampoos with the Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Shampoo I got rid of the rest of the old buildup using my SECRET WEAPON  Basic Hair Care Clarifying Shampoo which took it out in one swift swoop!


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