A tweetie of mine @SimplyMetra reached out to me frustrated with her TWA (teeny weeny afro) after tweeting her some ideas this inspired me to write this post to help others in similar situations. It seems the new trend now in hair (regardless of natural or relaxed) is shaving it all off.

I always commend the women who had the guts to shave it all off or chop really low and go from there! When it comes to styling the hair it’s very low maintenance however, you can easily get bored.

So my suggestion for all the shaved heads & TWA’s are all these awesome headbands and hair accessories that are in style now. Stock up! That way when you are feeling like you need some spice to your hair you can reach for one that reflects your personality and outfit.

Dollar Tree is a great resource for cute and inexpensive headbands.


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I love the feathers, bling, and the wrap around headbands. They are very 1920’s flapper girl-ish. These would be great for a night out or wedding(in white, gold, silver or ivory colors)! Hair clips are great for as your hair grows out to clip in for everyday/ work activities.
TWA’s are low maintenance and but they don’t have to lack in high style check out a few other naturals that make great accessories for your TWA.
Boutique De Bandeaux Great unique Headbands
R Stewart jewelry Great Earrings( another TWA staple accessory) & headbands

Leave a comment below describing your favorite accessory for your TWA!

Happy Styling!