African Pride released their latest line in their brand Shea Butter Miracle in early April 2012. I had the pleasure to review the entire line of products which included:

  • Silky Edges
  • Detangling Shampoo
  • Leave In Conditioner
  • Buttery Creme
  • Silky Hair Moisturizer
  • Bouncy Curls Pudding

The bolded items are the ones I based the review on and used to achieve this style.

Detangling Shampoo- I was quite surprised to see this collection only came with a shampoo so i was a little skeptical. This shampoo lathered very nicely and left my hair clean without the stripped feeling. I really put this shampoo to the test because i just took out braids and my hair was rather flaky, dry, and matted. I normally always have my spare cheap conditioner even when something claims to be detangling just in case but I did not need to use it.

Leave In Conditioner- After shampooing my hair I followed up with the leave in conditioner. It was very creamy and thick and it actually defined my curls very well by itself.

Silky Hair Moisturizer- After leaving the leave in conditioner for a few hours when running errands I applied the Silky Hair moisturizer to recondition my hair since it had begin to dry.The moisturizer absorbed into the hair rather quickly and left my hair soft.

Bouncy Curly Pudding- I finger parted my hair and applied the bouncy curly pudding to each section and flat twisted it to prepare for a flat twist out.





TIP:  Putting rollers at the ends of your hair is great when transitioning  to natural hair will make your relaxed hair curl up to blend with the new growth.

Day 2 Hair: I didn’t re twist my hair at night but I did sleep with a satin bonnett. When I woke up I fluffed my hair but it still fell flat. I also noticed a few flakes in the crown area of my head that could have been due to applying the curly pudding too heavy. I applied the silky hair moisturizer on to revive  and moisturize it.

Overall: These products work well for their price point. If you are looking for a good curl defining cream for twists and wash and go’s this collection will help. Each product is under $7 each which mean coping the whole collection  or several products definitely won’t break the bank for nice hair.



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