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Bobby Pins are a natural hair girls best friend. You can do just about anything you can imagine when a bobby pin is involved! Here are just a few ways to secure cute up-dos. Tip: Use long curved jumbo pins for thick hair.

Side Buns

Pin loose waved into a sexy side bun for a perfect look.

side bun, side bun on natural hair
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More of a funky natural hair style girl? Give a Frohawk a try, by using long bobby pins (great for thick hair) to pin up the sides. Make sure the hair is centered and use a nice holding gel to smooth flyaways. Check out this step by step guide to achieving a ‘Frohawk. A little more experienced?,Add braids to  the sides!

frohawk, mohawk, afro mohawk, afrohawk


Form a side braid and then wrap the length around your head and pin!

halo braid, halo braid tutorial, halo braid on natural hair, halo braids
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French Twist:

Twist a low ponytail tightly upward and then hide your ends.

french twist, french roll, french twist on natural hair, natural hair style

Fake Bangs:

Twist your longer bangs under your hair to make a bang look and pin to secure.

fake bangs, faux bangs, bangs on natural hair,
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Pull up a topknot:

Pin your bun up against your hair to secure a high, tight bun. 

top knot, top knot on natural hair


Popularized by Janelle Monae in the natural hair community , the Pompadour is a great romantic or edgy hairstyle depending on how you style it. Either way the Pompadour requires at least 2-5 bobby pins (depending on thickness and length of hair) Slick , braid or twist up the back of the head. Secure remaining hair with a ponytail holder. Roll, tuck and secure with bobby pins. Fluff for desired look.

pompadour, janelle monae