Break Those Bad Hair Habits

As much as you think you take care of your natural hair and try your best to keep it healthy, you may not be doing as much of a great job as you think. Bad hair habits may be the cause when you wonder why your hair breaks off and it takes quite a long time to grow? You may have some bad habits that you weren’t even aware of. Well, I am here to help! Check out theses five bad habits to break out of so you can maintain healthy and happy hair.

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  • Forgetting to moisturize. Many people go weeks without oiling their scalp. That causes the hair to become dry which results in breakage. To prevent this, always make sure you moisturize your hair at least once every two weeks so that it is getting enough nutrients to help the growth process.
  • Not using a satin scarf. Natural hair is very unique. Satin scarfs and bonnets retain moisture within your hair. Satin scarfs also protect your hair from getting frizzy and snagged. If you haven’t already, please go out and purchase a satin scarf along with a satin pillowcase. This will save you lots of trouble when maintaining your hair.
  • Keep your hands OUT! Being a natural hair sista myself, touching my hair is somewhat second nature to me. Sometimes, I’m not even aware that I’m doing it. This can be very unhealthy for your hair. Your hands are touching everything throughout the day and all of those germs are being transferred into your beautiful hair. Try your best to refrain from the hand in hair syndrome.
  • Not trimming. Sometimes, it just can’t fit in your schedule. I get it… NOT! Always find time for a nice trim. When you get a trim, it is such a refreshing moment for your hair. When you go for too long without trimming your hair, this prevents growth. Trimming your hair makes it look healthier because all of the dead ends are cut off. You will be surprised how different your hair will look after a nice trim.
  • Ripping knots out. We are all guilty of getting a tad bit upset and impatient with our hair. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to take out those two strand twist you had in the night before or even those Bantu knots you put in right before a party so your hair can be nice and curly. With styles such as these, come knots that can be annoying. Take your time with those knots. When you pull them out please realize that you are pulling your hair out. Gently comb them out with a good detangler to prevent any ripping of your hair.


Try your best to commit to these changes and you will find that your new habits have become second nature.

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Tara Strigler